What have I been doing for the last 50 days?

It’s been 7 weeks since I had my first proper day of “staying at home”. Approximately 50 days. Most of those days in lockdown.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to do much of my freelance work, and that I’d be spending most of my time entertaining a nearly 3-year-old, I started off thinking up all sorts of activities for us to do. We ordered various things, including an outdoor (children’s) trampoline.

And I came up with a plan for the other bit of my business that involved writing what I called “a guide to ideas” and finally setting up a proper mailing list with a couple of different landing pages.

So that’s basically how I have spent the last 6-7 weeks. Along with our daily walks, taking lots of photos and trying desperately to come up with interesting new variations on sandwiches to eat for lunch.


Now we’re 7 weeks in, the novelty of doing new daily activities has waned for both me and the small person. And my “ideas guide” has turned into a “mini ideas toolkit”. But that’s all fine. These things are bound to change as you get into them, to find their own rhythm.

I definitely haven’t taken up yoga (although actually it’s one of those things I’d quite like to do “one day”) or learned a new language. Because I use much of my energy recovering from being jumped on or bossed around by a small child who’s currently going through the 1 to 0 nap transition (ouch!)

For the first 5 weeks or so I didn’t chat to many people. As an introvert I’m happy with my own company for longer than a lot of others would tolerate it.

But then I had a couple of nice video calls, and that made me realise I wanted to be a bit more sociable. So I have been, including one online networking session. And it seems to have started my thoughts whirring in my head in a more productive and connected way.

So as we continue on into week 8 of staying at home, I’ve got a “mini ideas toolkit” being tried out by a few testers to get some feedback before I launch it. And I’ve started writing on here again.

Along with all the family activities we’re doing, and the life admin, that seems like enough for now. The yoga and the new skills can wait.


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