Moving forwards by stopping doing things

It’s funny, I’m going through one of those phases where I seem to be leaving things or putting them on hold.

I’ve been reading and learning about self-development for years now – and in the course of doing that, I’ve learned that in order to move forwards, you need to:

  • Try things out – which sometimes takes months to learn what you need to learn to go onto the next thing, sometimes just weeks
  • Speak to people, take in ideas, pick up little snippets of knowledge that point you in the right direction
  • Step back every now and then and take stock – and be brave enough to quit things that no longer work, in order to try something else.

So for me right now there are a few things like that going on.

One project I started just never really did what I wanted it to, so it’s time to stop doing anything with it. Part of my business has developed to a point where I don’t want to take it any further, after months of trying new things with it. Another project never materialised, although I had high hopes for it. And something else I’ve been involved in for a long time just hasn’t been keeping my interest and energy.

But it’s OK. I’ve been experimenting with projects and business ideas for long enough now to know that not everything works. Not everything takes off in the way you imagine it might. And some things just reach a natural end, even if they have been successful.

I have found in the past and am finding now that there are still lots of good things that come out of failed, unrealised or stalled projects. New connections made with interesting people, a little bit of money made, a new thought process started that takes you in a different direction, learning about new subjects or new tools for communicating.

Of course the positive side of stopping doing things is that it leaves lots of space for new things. New projects, new directions and new resolutions to live a bit differently.

So while I leave quite a few things behind or put them on hold for a while, there are other things I’m starting or thinking about. After a few months of looking after a 3 year old and not doing much work, it’s good to have time to reflect and decide what opportunities to take up next!

Photo 04-05-2020, 18 55 07

2 thoughts on “Moving forwards by stopping doing things

    • Thanks. It depends on the type of project really – small creative ones I might give up after a month or two, whereas bigger freelance or business ones it might take 6-12 months before I realise they’re not going where I want them to

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