Following the things we’re drawn to

It’s interesting how the mind works, and where it takes us if we have time.

I wrote a blog post last week about the space in between projects, and I shared it in a Facebook group I’m in. Someone else shared a similar post she’d written, and her post talked about following things that make you curious, things that you’re drawn to.

As I was driving back from my daughter’s nursery this morning, I found my mind wandering and thinking about my e-books. It meandered around cover designs, and reminded me of some interesting creative people I’ve connected with recently.

One who specialises in branding photography – which as a phrase sounds quite dull to me, but I love the way she weaves each personality and beautiful nature photos into what she does. And a graphic designer who sent me some examples of her work, one of which was a lovely illustration of leaves and branches winding around a page.

I was looking on Canva yesterday, trying to find a style I liked for my next e-book (and failing miserably as nothing inspired me). But I did find a lovely design with flowers and leaves, similar in style to the graphic designer’s one but in different colours. I’m not sure I’m going to use it for anything other than inspiration though.

And then I was looking at a promotions thread in another networking group I’m in on Facebook, and the two people that stood out to me today were a graphic designer/artist with some beautiful floral and seaside imagery on her art page, and a garden designer who specialises in inspiring women to create beautiful gardens.

I’m not sure where this train of thought is taking me, although it’s making me want to brief a graphic designer to create some lovely imagery for me! It’s a very different train to the other one in my head that’s thinking about managing projects and the associated numbers and project plans.

But I just found it interesting how my mind seems to have seized upon this artistic and natural theme this morning. And I felt compelled to write about it.

Of course now I have to find a suitable photo to go with it…..

Photo 04-05-2020, 18 54 53 (1)


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