The things we come back to

Writing and photography.

Those are the two things that I have come back to consistently since I rediscovered my love for them back in 2012.

Factual blogs, creative writing blogs, a number of e-books, newsletters, articles, some journaling, lots of writing on social media platforms.

Photo challenges, photo books, cataloguing my vast collection of photos, printing some on canvasses. Sharing on Flickr and on social media. Including them in blog posts and alongside various other bits of writing I’ve done in that time.

Writing and photography are my way of documenting my life and collecting my thoughts, for me and sometimes to share with others.

They have been there for me through setting up as a freelancer, a project that led to unexpected things, through major surgery and recovery, taking a job for a few years, 12 months maternity leave and adjusting to being a mum, returning to freelancing and continuing my pursuit of a ‘free range’ work style, and of course through the global pandemic that’s not over yet.

They are always there for me – a pen and notebook, a phone, iPad or computer. And 5 minutes to clear my head by writing down some words. Or spending a few moments taking some photos. Sometimes those 5 minutes turn into an hour or two of writing. Sometimes one walk yields a huge array of new images. I just wish I had more time to indulge.

Sometimes the writing and photos are shared. Sometimes they’re just for me. I’m not very good at sharing them even when I do want to get them out into the world. A moment passes and I just move onto a new thought, new scribblings, a new photo.

Thoughts, observations and noticing little details. Writing and photographs. That’s what I always come back to.

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